Why to Choose Us

  • You can reach us almost anytime. We're available daily from 8am to 8pm and often times you can reach us outside of our normal business hours! Call or text us anytime at 585-309-7082
  • You can trust us and our work. We have great reviews and you can read some of the testimonials below. You can click on the source link to view the review (and others) on the review website.
  • You get a free 30 day warranty on our work. We test your computer to make sure that everything is perfect before we bring it back to you. If any of the problems that we fixed starts happening again then we'll fix it for you for free. We'll also figure out how it came back so that we can help you avoid the problem again in the future.

We Take an Educational Approach

At Northland, we pride ourselves on how well we educate our customers. Many of our customers choose to have us install the Mozilla Firefox web browser along with two security add-ons: NoScript and uBlock Origin. We do this for our customers and provide complementary training on how to use the software because it helps you to protect yourself from getting viruses/malware and it can also speed up your web browsing.


Markeea Testimonial 5/5 for Northland Computer Repair & Service

"I was traveling from Washington, D.C. And I was having computer problems! I work predominantly from my work computer also. Someone recommended Paul and Chaz to me and it was a great decision. Very professional company and trustworthy." - Markeea 5/5 on Google

Emma Testimonial 5/5 for Northland Computer Repair & Service

"This company is really great! Heard about them through a friend and gave them a call! They came on time to my home to fix my computer. I had a bad virus and they came through for me big time! Thanks Northland you really saved me!" - Emma 5/5 on Facebook

About Northland Computer Repair & Service

Northland Computer Repair & Service was founded by Paul Gallipeau in 2017 in order to connect local IT professionals with people who need their computers fixed. Our technicians have over 35 years of combined expertise in computer repair, hardware upgrades, networking, and spyware/virus removal.

Paul Gallipeau, Computer Technician & Founder of Northland Computer Repair & Service

Paul Gallipeau, Computer Technician & Founder of Northland Computer Repair & Service.

Posted/Updated on April 2, 2017